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Netgear router setup

Netgear has been providing some of the best wireless high-speed networking hardware devices to its users for a very long time now. Netgear not only provides the best range of routers, modems, and repeaters but they are also known for addressing the core networking issues related to their Networking needs like router and repeater maintenance. Netgear has this useful web address of routerlogin.net which is much convenient to use as compared to the default IP or

How to setup the Netgear router Through Routerlogin.net?

Well, this is the most common question we see every now and then on various platforms. If you are a newbie in the networking and internet setup domain, you need not to worry as we have mentioned all the necessary steps for setting up your Netgear router. Netgear has their own custom web address of www.routerlogin.net for setting up the Netgear router and modem etc.

Let's get started with the Netgear router setup with the below-mentioned series of steps.

  • Unbox all the required set of components from the packing like the router/modem, Ethernet cables, power adapter and user guide etc.
  • Now, it is to be noted here that before, we can move on with the Netgear router setup and configuration, the user will be required to set the hardware connection through either of the below-listed ways.
  • Wired Ethernet cable connection
  • Connection over the wifi
  • WPS connection

Let us begin with the wifi interconnection between the devices.



  • Connect your Netgear router/modem to its power supply with a power adapter and switch on the power supply.
  • Wait for few minutes and check to see if the Wifi, DSL/ADSL etc. LEDs are stable or solid/Amber green.
  • Once you have confirmed the router stability, open your laptop computer and open the internet and network setting section. Note that the wifi of your Laptop needs to be switched on.
  • Look out for the wireless network name of your router and double click it to get connected to it.
  • There will be no need of router password for connection as it is the first time connection with the router.
  • After getting the router connected to your laptop computer, open the web browser and enter the default IP or the custom local web address of net in the address bar of the browser.
  • Log in to your Netgear wireless router with a default username and password which is “admin” and “password”.
  • Get to the WAN setup or Internet settings tab in the router admin home page.
  • Select the connection type from the list of connections under the internet settings tab.
  • Follow the screen instructions to get the setup completed and then click save and apply changes tab.
  • Now, click the reboot now tab in order to get all the settings and configurations written in the router memory.

Important hacks about the Netgear router setup

  • It is recommended to use the wired Ethernet cable connection between the router, modem and the computer device in order to establish a secure and reliable connection.
  • Also, make use of the Netgear’s custom local web address net instead of the default IP or
  • The power supply should be reliable also as you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the configuration process due to a halt in the power supply.

What is WPS connection?

Before we can let you know what WPS connection is, let us try to understand what does WPS means. WPS stands for the wifi protected setup connection. This implies that WPS is the safest mode of wireless connection between the various hardware devices.

How to get the devices interconnected through the WPS button?

The WPS buttons are given on almost all the networking equipment, be it the router, modem or repeaters etc.

Establishing the quick wireless connection between the devices through WPS is quite easy; just follow the guide mentioned below.

  • It is assumed that the power supply of the router, modem and the computer system is on and they all are stable.
netgear router login
  • Now, press the WPS button of your modem and then push the WPS button of your router. The modem and router device will get connected to each other in a second.
  • Also, enable the WPS connection on your computer system to get it connected to the router/modem instantly.
  • This is how you can get your Computer, router and modem device connected to each other instantly without any rocket science as such.

But yes there are several conditions that need to be met before we can use the WPS connection successfully. Those are listed below.

  1. The WPS connection works only with the networks that support the latest security keys in them like the WPA/WPA2, WPSK/WPSK 2 etc.
  2. The WPS connection doesn’t work with the devices supporting the outdated security type i.e. WEP/WEP 2 etc.
  3. Also, it is very important to know that the WPS button needs to be pushed within the stipulated time of 2 minutes after which the connection stands to be terminated and you will be required to push the WPS button all again.
  4. This WPS connection is only for the networking hardware setup; however, the primary configuration still needs to be done only after which the user can use the network and internet.

Netgear security update or Netgear firmware update

The Netgear security update is a term that relates to the Netgear wireless router‘s firmware update. Updating the Netgear router’s firmware has always been of great advantage as it always adds some plus points in the networking.

How to update the firmware of the Netgear router?

The Netgear wireless router’s firmware can be easily updated by accessing its admin setup web page through their custom local web address of routerlogin.net.

Follow the below steps carefully to get the Netgear security updated.

  • Download the exact firmware update file for your Netgear router/modem model number after quoting in the correct model number of your device.
  • Now, open the web browser of your computer device and enter the web address of routerlogin.net in the address bar and hit enter.
  • Authenticate your login to the web setup page of the router with the default or custom login credentials that you have set.
  • Now, click the Advanced>Administration tabs then select the router update or firmware update
  • You will then be asked to locate and select the firmware update file that you have downloaded earlier from the support portal of Netgear.
  • Select and open the update file to get the update installation process started. Once the firmware update installation process starts, it will complete itself and the router/modem device will restart automatically to get the latest software loaded in its memory.

Dos and Don’ts for Netgear firmware update.

  1. Always quote in the exact router/modem device model number to get the correct update file downloaded.
  2. Make sure that no interference occurs in between the Netgear firmware update process.
  3. Try to use the wired cable connection between the devices when you are about to perform these operations like the firmware update, password change or configuration etc. Wired connections are much stable and secure as compared to the connection over wifi.
routerlogin net

How to improve Netgear router range?

Well, this is abundantly asked a question over the Netgear and other platforms. Setting up, configuring and using the Netgear routers are not the only concerns about the networking devices. We also need to be a bit more concerned about various other issues like improving the router’s wireless range, updating etc.

Let us show you how you can improve the Netgear router range.

There are several major factors that contribute to the efficient Netgear router range. These crucial factors are listed below.

Select the best location

Choosing the best location for your wireless router always pays off. Forgetting the wireless range of your router, consider the following.

Clear all the obstacles between the ranges.

  • Position all the router antennas properly; spread them in opposite direction to each other.
  • Don’t keep your router device on the bottom floor. Try to keep the router a bit high positioned.
  • Keep the router away from other signal receiving and transmitting devices like the radios, telephones, and televisions etc.

Upgrade the device (firmware)

Upgrading the device always adds one or more features to it. The users don’t really have to bother about updating the firmware as it is much easier to do. Once, you have done the Netgear router update, it is most likely the wireless range of the router would have also been increased.

Reduce the number of wireless devices connected to the network

Always try to use the lesser number of smart devices on a single home wireless network as the bandwidth of the home routers is much less as compared to the high-end commercial Netgear routers and plans. Therefore, avoid using a large number of wifi devices with a single router as it will definitely get router internet speed lowered.

Tune your equipment

Always keep your Netgear device updated with the proper settings like the proper wifi channels, bandwidth management, MTU size, Frequency bands etc. All of these factors play a vital role in managing to render the wireless range of the router. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you should use the best wireless channels for the router. The Super G technology can also be used as it utilizes the two channels that cannot be configured and thus avoids being interfered.

Cross the check the wireless range regularly

It is always recommended that the users should check for their router’s wifi signal connectivity on a regular basis. The Netgear wireless router renders an excellent wireless range but still, it is required that the user should check for the range by switching on the wifi of their smart devices and note down the wireless range.

How to change the Netgear router password?

Netgear router password mostly needs to be changed at the initial stage when there is only the default login credentials setup. But you can change the Netgear router password anytime by logging into its setup web interface through routerlogin.net or through the default IP or

  • Open the web browser and enter the web address routerlogin.net or the static local IP
  • Login to the router setup window with the default username and password first which are “admin” and “password” respectively.
  • Now that you are into the router setup page, click the security tab and then select the wireless security button from the menu pane on the home page.
  • Now simply enter the old password (default) once and the new password twice to confirm the passphrase.
  • We advise our users to set up a complex passphrase including the upper and the lower case letters, symbols, and numbers in it.

What if the routerlogin.net page does not respond?

Well, this is not a common sight to the user when trying to access his/her router’s setup page via this local web address of http://routerlogin.net but sometimes the access to router’s setup web page can be denied through this web address of routerlogin.net. In that case, what you need to do is just use the static local IP of the router which is or
This local IP will definitely work and grant you the Netgear router admin login access.
Some high-end router models from Netgear

  • Netgear SRK60-100EUS Orbi Pro AC300 router
  • Netgear RBK50V-AC3000 Orbi Voice Whole Home Mesh wifi system
  • Netgear RBK53 Orbi AC3000 router
  • Netgear Nighthawk Pro gaming XR700 wifi router
  • Nighthawk X10 AD7200 MU-MIMO router
  • Nighthawk AX8-8 Stream AX6000 router
  • Netgear N600 Dual-band DSL modem router
  • Netgear R8500 -100NAS wifi router